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Jennifer Lowther at the 2011 GI Society Golf Marathon

Last summer I joined the board of directors for the Gastrointestinal (GI) Society and quickly got involved with the annual Golf Marathon fundraiser. The truth is, I’m not even a golfer (and if you don’t believe me, check out the video from last year’s event!). I wanted to help make the event a success so the GI Society staff can do what they do best – promote GI health and wellness. Since I’m really just slowing down the golf marathoners as a player, this year I decided to take a different role and agreed to chair the Golf Marathon Committee and help make this the most successful year yet!

There are many great charities out there and everywhere we turn we are being asked to support really worthwhile causes. Gastrointestinal disorders are extremely common and can significantly impact one’s quality of life, yet there is a stigma about them and many find GI disorders an uncomfortable subject to discuss. I am very lucky that I do not battle with any chronic GI disorders, but have been subjected to some acute issues like appendicitis, and let me tell you… it wasn’t fun! We need patient advocates like Gail Attara, CEO of the GI Society, and her entire team of staff and volunteers to provide accurate and reliable information that promotes awareness and helps patients live a little more comfortably.

We are working hard this year to have 40 players on the golf course on Monday September 24th and although the minimum they must raise in order to participate is $500, we are encouraged to see that many have set higher personal targets. In the crowded fundraising space, this is still considered to be a pretty small event and this makes it very challenging to capture the interest of corporate sponsors. They play an important role in making a successful fundraiser and we are grateful for the companies that have stepped up to the plate as a sponsor, corporate donor, supporting employees participating in the event or making donations to our prize table.

Although I won’t be swinging any golf clubs on September 24th, I will be working hard all summer getting ready for the day’s event and joining right in with our golf marathoners. I am hoping to personally raise $1000 and donations made on my behalf will be matched by my employer, sanofi to make a grand total of $2000. All donations are tax deductible so please give generously! Thank you for your support.

Jennifer Lowther
Volunteer Chair, Golf Marathon Committee
Volunteer Member, Board of Directors

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