Chris MacLean

Why did you decide to participate in the GI Society Golf Marathon?

This will be my 3rd year in a row participating/playing.

What is your personal fundraising goal?


How many holes of golf are you hoping to play on
October 5?

Depending on the weather, I am trying to beat my total from last year which was 111 holes.

Have you had any holes-in-one?

Yes, I have had 1 hole-in-one in my lifetime.  It was at the course I grew up on back in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia (Brightwood Golf & CC, Hole 4, 147 yards, 7-iron) on May-23-1997.  It was witnessed by my father Bruce and my brother Jeff.

What is your favourite golf joke?

One night a man returns home well after dark after having supposedly left at 6:30 that morning to play golf. His wife is furious and demands to know where he’s been.

“Well, I got up this morning at 6:30, went to the car and it wouldn’t start. So I called Frank to drive and it was 7:15 until he could pick me up. On our way to the course, Frank gets a flat tire so we have to walk 8 miles to the nearest station to get someone to help us. By the time we finally get going again it’s 10:30. When we get to the course, there is a seniors group going off so we have to wait two hours before we can tee off.”

“Yeah, but that was still almost eleven hours ago!” His wife nagged.

“Well, we were playing along when on the fifth hole a golf ball comes whizzing by and strikes Frank in the head, killing him. So for the next thirteen holes, its hit the ball, drag Frank, hit the ball, drag Frank, hit the ball….”

To help Chris reach his goal, and find out if he gets to play 112 holes this year, visit our online donation page and put “Golf Marathon sponsorship for Chris MacLean” in the comments box.

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