Christopher McGrath

Chris @ Sunshine CoastWhy did you decide to participate in the GI Society Golf Marathon?

I participated in last years’ Golf Marathon and really enjoyed my experience. I thought it would be a good idea to get involved with the GI Society so I decided to assist in the running of this years’ event. It is a natural fit for me as I work in the golf industry and truly love the game. The GI Society has some great fundraising and awareness programs for people who suffer from GI-related diseases so it is my pleasure to both play and help out.

What is you personal fundraising goal?


How many holes of golf are you hoping to play on October 5?


Have you had any holes-in-one?


What is your favorite golf joke?

My putting game.

Christopher’s message: Before I became informed on the GI Society and GI diseases, I was very ignorant. My eyes were truly opened to how many people suffer from GI diseases and how many subsequent people and families these illnesses affect. I am participating for everyone out there who needs help. As an interesting way to generate more funds, the person who donates the most money to me will get in return, that same amount of push-ups. Let’s hope for a lot of $100 single donations or I may need to start training! 😉


If you want to see Christopher perform lots of push-ups, as well as help him meet his fundraising target, visit our online donation page and remember to put “Golf Marathon sponsorship for Christopher McGrath” in the comments box.

Click here to pledge a golfer.
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