Jennifer Lowther

Jennifer LowtherWhy did you decide to participate in the GI Society Golf Marathon?

As a member of the board of directors, I know how important it is to have successful fundraisers like this to support general operating expenses.  The GI Society does a great job supporting patients with GI and liver disorders by providing evidence based information.  It’s important that the staff have the time and resources to do what they do best, so once again I am volunteering as the chair of the committee for the golf marathon.

What is your personal fundraising goal?

As part of the sanofi team, we have a collective goal to raise $5,000 which will be matched by the company.  To contribute to this goal, I am personally striving to bring in $1,000 in donations.

How many holes of golf are you hoping to play on October 5?

I would like to see a full event with 40 players out this year. If they averaged 50 holes each that would be 2000 holes played!


To sponsor Jennifer and her team, visit our online donation page and put “Golf Marathon sponsorship for Jennifer Lowther” in the comments box.


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